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Home Cooked Meals

We know how important a home cooked meal is for you. Our chef Klaudia takes special care to ensure all our classic pub grub and new inventions are cooked with love, care and a lot of flavour!

We proudly bring to you the latest twist to the humble burger. Enjoy 'desi'-ed up craft burgers all the way from India. Need more? Pair it with fries, wings and sauces with Indian spices echoing tangy, spicy, Punjabi, tandoori...scrumptuous!

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From grab and go bar snacks, to light lunch meals, bountiful Indian craft burger to our house special fish and chips, we have meals catering to your all day hunger.

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If beer does not give you the buzz, no worries, we have something for everyone. Spritz, cocktails, shots...alcoholic or not...we have it covered.

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